Anli Wahl

My Floral Journey

I’m one of those people who earned a degree but never used it. After finishing my B.Sc at Stellenbosch University, I spent two years traveling around the UK, soaking up life experiences. When I came back to South Africa, I landed a desk job in finance (don’t ask), but my grandmother’s creative genes kept tugging at my heart. To satisfy that creative itch, I took a basic floral course in Cape Town and freelanced at Okasie on a few occasions. Their trendsetting designs fuelled my passion, and up ‘till today, they remain my floral idols!

In 2006, I moved a step closer to my dream by working for a company that exported Fynbos bouquets to Marks & Spencer in the UK. It was still a desk job, but it felt more aligned with my creative heart. By 2008, I plucked the courage together and started doing wedding flowers as a side hustle, and I absolutely loved it! I juggled two jobs and a new baby for a few years, but eventually something had to give. In 2012, I took the plunge and quit my day job to focus entirely on wedding flowers. And I can honestly say I’ve never looked back! Being my own boss is incredibly liberating, even if it’s sometimes daunting not knowing where the next pay check will come from. But God has always provided, knowing my needs before I do. Each new season feels like unwrapping a present, full of surprises and new opportunities. Meeting new couples, dreaming up fabulous concepts for each wedding, forging new friendships with fellow florists, keeping up with floral trends, and constantly gathering inspiration brings me endless joy!

I currently live in Paarl, in the Western Cape, with my wonderful winemaker husband, our two beautiful kids (a boy and a girl), and our two rescue cats. Over the years, my style has evolved into something uniquely mine. I’d describe it as wild, unstructured, whimsical, lush, and romantic—sometimes even a bit over the top. I love pushing boundaries with daring brides, but I also enjoy giving a fresh twist to traditional designs.

Anli Wahl

A few random facts
about myself

  • I can parallel park like a pro. I got 100% for my driver’s exam.
  • My husband says I talk very loudly over the phone. I can’t be alone on this one, right?
  • My friends call me ‘Ms 20-Questions’. I want to know EVERYTHING. Don’t spare me any of the gory details. And apparently, I ask all the hard, awkward questions that no one else is prepared to ask.
  • I am a bit of a procrastinator but somehow, everything always gets done. The thrill brings out the best in me, adrenaline junkie am I right!? Can’t always jump out of a plane, so procrastination it will be.
  • I would much rather listen to a Christian Podcast, than listen to music while I drive. My favourite ones at the moment are She Reads Truth, or Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast.
  • I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging and great design. I’ll quite happily buy something, just because of the pretty packaging. Like wine; I believe the prettier the label, the better the wine. To my winemaker husband’s dismay.🙄
  • I’m obsessed with essential oils and candles; there’s always a diffuser on in my home, or candles burning.
  • I don’t like flowers in my own home. Don’t ask me why, I wish I knew? But I do love a house full of house plants and orchids! [which I always manage to successfully kill at some point]
  • I’m a definite introvert. My love language is silence and LOTS of time on my own (that I rarely get with 2 children and an extroverted husband). That is probably why I love flowers so much; they don’t talk back!
  • Winter is my favourite season – nothing beats the pounding of rain on the roof and the rumbling of thunder over the mountains.

My Core Values


I am not all about flowers, I also believe in creating lasting relationships with all my clients and suppliers. My livelihood depends on these people and I always try to handle both my clients and suppliers with the utmost respect and kindness.


My clients are super important to me and I believe that each couple is unique, as are their needs. I always endeavour to tailor my services and 16 years of floral experience around my clients’ style and their budget, because no two weddings are alike. Planning your floral décor should be the most exciting part of your wedding day and I want the whole experience to be as stress-free and enjoyable for you as possible.


I always aim for prompt responses and complete transparency, whilst always being approachable, trustworthy and friendly throughout the whole planning process leading up to your big day.


I am interested in creating once-off designs. I do not replicate other designers’ work, or any of my previous weddings.  I will take elements of your inspiration images, combined with my own creative ideas, to create something truly unique to compliment your personality and the vision you have for your big day.


I am a sucker for details. Details create the experience in my opinion. I always do my best to create the most visually pleasing and thoughtful arrangements you have ever seen, whilst respecting nature and the seasonality of flowers. 


I try to offer a service that is second-to-none by remembering to always under-promise and over-deliver. My goal is to not only meet my client’s expectations, but to exceed them.


I love to see flowers used in the way that they would appear in nature – wild and unrestricted. Or simply  showcasing the beauty of a single flower all on it’s own. I never work with fake flowers and only use the freshest possible product I can lay my hands on.

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