Sometimes when I’m lucky, I stumble upon magnificent Parrot tulips, the flamboyant girls of the flower world, with their curly, twisted, and fringed petals, resembling the colorful feathers of the tropical bird of the same name. The reason I like them so much, is because of their beautiful textures and two-toned petals, and because they always get people talking! When I used this particular Elzenburg parrot at Zuné and Scott’s wedding, no one believed that it was a tulip, because they opened up as big as my hand, even resembling a peonies! Sometimes it pays off to spend a bit more to get ‘floral conversation pieces’ for your wedding. It doesn’t have to be an insane amount, maybe just for the bridal bouquet, or dotted here and there in a bud vase in between the other flowers, to ‘brag’ all on their own!

The other reason I absolutely love tulips, in general, is that Tulips don’t know when to stop! That is their special charm. Other flowers stay put once cut. Not the tulip. They have a mind of their own and keep growing in the vase, gaining a few centimeters or more over night. And they bend. Elegantly, they twist and turn, leaning this way or that, toward sources of light. They always seem like such happy, yet graceful flowers! The seemingly whimsical bending of tulips is actually caused by the dual effects of continuing stem growth and the gentle pull of light and gravity on the flower head.

Photography: Anli Wahl