I think there is not a florist out there who is not totally obsessed with the sheer magnificence of the peony. I am definitely a self-confessed peony addict, and rightfully so – just look at their nothing less then perfect faces below! I am especially crazy about the Coral Charm peony, as they change colour with age and literally look different every day! The photos I took below, were taken two days in succession, and just look at the difference! The buds open salmon pink and gradually change to a coral/orange and finally to a pale ivory. I really can’t decide which stage is my favourite, but it is safe to say that from bud until the last petal drops, is an incredible show, and worth every sent!

Peonies are very sought after flowers, as they only bloom a few weeks per year. In South Africa, the local peony season is from end of October until about mid November. So if you’re getting married in that time, I’m sorry, we’ll just HAVE to incorporate some in your wedding flowers, come what may! In the recent year or two, we’ve been lucky to get some imported peonies from Holland as well, increasing the availability of peonies with at least 6 weeks, for which we are so grateful! But the snag is, they are only available from mid-May, up until mid-June, which is winter time here in South Africa, when very little people unfortunately get married… Why is that by the way?

As with all flowers, peonies also symbolize a few things, including romance, prosperity, good fortune, a happy marriage, riches, honor, and compassion – all the ingredients needed for a perfect marriage! All the reason you’ll need to book that winter wedding!

Photography: Anli Wahl