I met my dear florist friend, Amanda from Kadou, for the first time in 2016 at a flower business workshop in Stellenbosch. During that time florists in South Africa started to freelance for each other on events and that is how their friendship grew. Soon we realised that they were two peas in a pod. Sharing the same philosophy about floral artistry and living (and working) with intention.

We have both been experiencing a ‘more is more’ movement in the floral industry over the past few years. Although we can appreciate the massive scale and complexity of most of the designs, the two of us have been feeling an intense yearning for scaling back, exploring simplicity in floral design and appreciating the pause and intention behind each and every flower we place. Enjoying the unique curve of a wild flower, the curl of a dried leaf, or a mass of just one type of flower, as it would appear in nature. A quiet celebration of space that calms you down and inspires your soul! So you can say Pause Floral Workshops was born out of a shared longing for simplicity and it evolved into an unique experience that stretches over three days, where we want our students to express themselves in a safe and inviting space, with the freedom to ask as many questions as they want. We want their heads and hearts to burst with inspiration. To be armed with new skills and an intentional mindset to claim their creative birthright. We want them to feel nurtured and empowered after a Pause workshop. To be open and brave enough to follow through on creative instincts and make life long industry friends!

This shoot was done to create content for our first promotional video to launch Pause Floral Workshops.

Image credits | Florists: Anli Wahl Floral Design + KADOU Floral Artistry | Photographer: Lindy Kriek | Studio: Lindy Kriek Studio | Hair & Make Up: Corle Barnard | Video: Red Beard Productions

Promotional Video for Pause Workshops by: Red Beard Productions