I have always been slightly obsessed with flowers and herbs picked from a garden. There is just something warm, inviting, friendly and familiar about the scents and textures of homegrown flowers. The stories they tell – where they grew, who planted them, what experiences they remind you of. The little ‘surprises’ around every corner, the seasonal flowers that pop-up over night. A few of our close friends recently held a surprise birthday party for my dear friend Sarah and each guest brought an arm full of flowers, herbs and blossoms from their garden for me to decorate the table with. I had so much fun creating with each friend’s special offering. Not even ONE flower was bought for this photoshoot. All of the flowers were picked by myself from different gardens. 

Photography: Adene Photography | Make-up & hair: Iza Cloete – Hair & Makeup Artist  | Cake: Creme Delicat | Behind the scenes photos: Aglow Photography  | Stationary: SugarBird Creative Design  | Furniture: BA Traders for The Living Room | Videography: White Lines | Couple: Wendy & Warren

A SPECIAL thank you to MILDIE MALAN from Paarl, for the use of her GORGEOUS garden!

See the behind the scene photos here

See the gorgeous video of the day here

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