For this shoot, we were inspired by the emerging trends on the catwalks for summer 2015: Tye-dyes, super-sized florals superimposed on prints and watercolours. Abstract petals mixed up with realistic florals. The dominating colours we saw emerging for Summer 2015 were mixed bursts of brights, with sun washed shades of oranges and corals. Alana always wanted to print her own design on a wedding dress, so this was her chance! She had the most gorgeous floral designs drawn up in our colour scheme (with the help of her talented husband!) and had it printed on an off white satin, which formed the central theme of our shoot. Everthing about the shoot evolved around the print. Susan even used it in her stationary, super imposed on some watercolour prints. We kept the make-up and hair natural, as the rest was already very bold and bright. The florals were also very loose, over the top and bright, incorporating a hanging installation from a tree over the table, an editorial bouquet and a floral headpiece. We mainly worked with fresh garden roses, asparagus ferns, waratahs, snaps, phalaenopsis orchids, anthiriums, viburnum balls, tulips, calla lilies, sweet peas, vine leaves, lemon leaves, love in a puff and willow. So come on, who ever said less is more? This is your chance to be bold and brave and make a huge statement on your wedding day! Have your favourite design printed on your wedding dress and even incorporate elements of it in your stationary and florals!

Dress: Alana van Heerden | Photography: Adene Photography | Stationery: Susan Brand | Make-up and Hair: Lisa Brown | Male stylist: Moi Styling | Venue: House of Krone

This shoot was also featured here on The Pretty Blog


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