On the day of this shoot, arriving at Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve’s reception, we could barely open the car’s doors, the freezing wind was howling so viciously! We were however met by the friendliest faces and Waldo explained that he’d be happy to take us up the mountain to the snow if we were game… We weighed our options. Over and over again. In the end we decided that were sooo close, everyone was dressed, make-up done, flowers in the back, furniture on the roof – we just HAD to bite the bullet! We 4×4’d for at least 45 minutes (me in the boot, with all the flowers on my lap!) to a spot with enough snow. Here we unpacked and started setting up and shooting. The wind was pumping and it was freezing to say the least! At times it really felt as if my brains stopped working properly, my cheeks got so frozen that I could barely speak properly! Poor Tamar and Jared were absolute troopers! They were really very scantily dressed compared to us wearing thick jackets and scarves! We had to send them to the car every now and then just to defrost a bit! Waldo really went beyond the call of duty and helped us unpack and repack the car, something we would never have been able to do ourselves! And to top it all off, he sat there waiting for us the whole 2-3 hours we were busy shooting. In retrospect, we would never have been able to do this shoot without him – thank you once again, Waldo! It was an incredible experience to say the least – one that I probably would not have done if I knew how hard it would be beforehand! But as with all creative projects, there is nothing more rewarding than to see all your efforts and hard work pay off and to see how everything finally comes together!

Photography: Adene Photography  | Make-up: Adrie’s make-up | Skirt and dress: Alana van Heerden – Fashion & Bridal | Couch: Goeters | Crochet bowl: Little Honeypot | Stationery: SugarBird Creative Design | Faux fur hat and coat: Anneri Mouton

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