I had the honour of doing a few delicate floral pieces for Pearl & Ivory’s new website launch, beautifully captured by none other then Yoland√© Marx! Her incredibly feminine and romantic style, was a perfect fit for Pearl and Ivory’s vision!

Nestled in the heart of Somerset West, Pearl & Ivory offer a diverse, yet refined selection of uniquely artisanal bridal gowns, bridesmaid frock’s, and accessories – from heirloom-inspired hair adornments and jewelry, to custom-made bridal shoes and delicately crafted garters – designed to outfit an event in its entirety. But they also go beyond the dress; they recently also unveiled a fully-fledged luxury stationery studio, creating bespoke wedding invitations and stationery tailored to your needs. So all in all a one-stop-shop for all brides!


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