After following numerous wedding blogs for quite some time, I had a noticed a small handful of florist’s work which caught my eye.  I loved the natural, whimsical look. When the time came to officially book someone for our wedding florals, I did a lot of research.  I felt that I connected best with Anli and that she best understood my style and the crazy ideas that I’d been dreaming up!  I have a great passion for flowers and decor, and love to be different and inventive.  I sometimes worried that I’d be over-pushing the boundaries, even more so as I had difficulty in trying to find pictures to explain our vision.  I’d always wanted the florals at our wedding to stand out, as I have a family who is very flower-obsessed.  Anli’s quote was the best value for money option and without hesitation, I went ahead and booked her for our big day.  Out of all of our service providers, I spent the most time speaking with Anli – she responded to every email, took care of every concern that I had and reassured me that all of the decor elements would work together.  We were ecstatic with our beautiful decor and florals on the day!  It truly took my breath away and was so emotional when I saw our vision come together.  Our guests were very complimentary about the decor and flowers, some even saying that it should be in a magazine!  Thanks once again Anli, I often think back to our wedding with such joy.  It kinda makes me want to do it all again, but differently (the first time was perfect)!

Michelle (Rayment) Smith (Bride)

Photographer: Wesley Vorster | Dress: Olivelli Cape Town | Venue: Roodezand | Kokedamas: Opus Studio

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