What a dreamy shoot for Katinka & Rudi and their precious Schnauzer babies! These two have to be the most sweet natured people we have met in a long time! Katinka describes herself as a ‘jeans and ponytail’ type of girl – but looking at these photos, you would’ve never guessed that! She is such a natural, radiant beauty and absolutely glowing with this pregnancy! She is currently studying to become a teacher – I can just imagine how many boys will still develop a crush on Ms Katinka!  When I looked at how lovingly Rudi groomed their two Schnauzers before the shoot, I could just imagine him doting over their precious little boy! For this shoot I loved working with mainly foliage, arums, vintage carnations, berries and then also some of the last peonies of the season.

Photography: Adene Photography  | Dress: Janita Toerien Wedding Gowns  | Make-up and hair: Helga Strydom Bridal

This shoot was also featured here on The Pretty Blog

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