Debbie Lourens approached me with creative concept, involving some Egyptian undertones, with a bold citrus pallet, combined with coral and mint elements. Once again, I was amazed by this woman’s talent, passion for her craft and quirky sense of humour! Loved working with her and all the creative talents who collaborated on this shoot! We really do have so many talented Wedding Service Providers in South Africa, we can really be PROUD!

Photography: Debbie Lourens Photography | White dress: Janita Toerien Wedding Gowns | Blush dress with veil: Alana van Heerden – Fashion & Bridal | Make-up & Hair: Marnél Toerien Makeup Artist & Hairstyling | Stationary: White Kite Studio | Jewellery: Quench Jewellery | Venue: Cultivar Guest Lodge and Multi-Venue | Cake: Simply Cake |  Salads, breads & refreshments: La Petite Patisserie | Styling- and set-up assistant: Marieta Anne Carick | Cat, Romeo, loaned to us by Mirinda de Jonge

This shoot was also featured here on Ruffled Blog

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