We got married on an olive farm back in November 2014. We were referred to Anli by a wedding venue in Ceres and immediately knew that she would understand our style when we saw her work on several photographers’ websites. After having met with Anli only once before our wedding, I was so impressed by how friendly and professional she was. She asked all the right questions and quickly made me (nervous bride) feel like she had all in order and that I really had nothing to worry about when it came to the floral arrangements. When our wedding week arrived, nothing could have prepared us for the most amazing surprise when Anli arrived at our wedding venue with bunches and bunches of peonies (my favourite) ready to start set-up. She really outdid herself and we would recommend her to anyone and everyone. Thank you Anli for the most gorgeous flowers and for blessing us with your talented work.

Clarise Viljoen (Bride)

Photography: Yolande Marx | Venue: Olive Rock | Stationery: White Kite Studio | Coordination: Garniche Studio | Hair & make-up: Nandi Fourie

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